Inside the incredibly small Velo 1 youíll find a giant security blanket call Windows CE. Itís compatible with Wndows95, so you already know how to use it. And itís compatible with most everything you do at the office, so you share files and information with your PC.                                                               

PocketWord works like Word-complete with key features for justifying, editing and changing formats and fonts. You can write memos and outlines, or even revise Word documents that come from your PC.

With PocketExcel, you can create a spreadsheet or even revise one youíve downloaded from your PC. So beside massaging sales figures or department budget, you can play ďwhat ifĒ with your golf handicap.

Pocket Internet Explorer puts you on the WWW so you can surf, browse and download just as easily as you can with Internet Explorer.

Contacts, Calendar and Tasks help you help track of names and schedules. And you can even set alarms to remind you of important meetings.

Inbox, with Microburst Virtual Courier Personal Edition, easily ties you into your corporate e-mail (cc:Mail or MS Mail).

Velo Voice Memo records up to 16 minutes(per 1MB of storage) of your on-the-spot thoughts, then lets you organize them in a cohesive fashion, or it even lets you put them in documents.

With Database, the simple-to-use Mobile Forms Database from AllPen you can organize all your facts.

Calculator works just like a PC calculator.

Itís that simple. Because the newest thing about our software is that it isnít new at all.

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