Audio in

Omnidirectional microphone used in conjunction with Velo Memo application

Velo Voice Memo

Just press the button and talk into it. With Windows 95 compatible sound compression, you can record up to 16 minutes (per 1MB of storage) of thoughts and then organize them or put them into documents

Low-profile RJ-11 jack

A phone jack that fits the Velo1 streamlined design

Built-in 19.2Kbps V.32 bis/ter fax modem

Uses almost no power so you won’t run out of steam just when you get into websufing

DC jack

12V @500mA

High-speed I/O

RS-232 serial port up to 230 Kbps

Fast onboard memory

8MB RAM upgrable to 24 RAM and 64 ROM

IrDA infrared transceiver (up to 115Kbps)

You can send files or messages to other

Power (battery compartment

Runs for about 15 hours on two AA batteries or a NiMH rechargeable battery pack.(Battery life varies with usage).

CR2032 lithium backup battery


Expansion for V-modules

Simply snap on an optional V-Module for additional functionality

Indicator lights

Let you know when the Velo 1 is charging, communicating, and receiving alarms or messages.

Innovative bloodline

The Velo 1 is the first of the entire line of mobile computing devices from Philips

Backlight button

Contrast dial

Backlit, non-glare touchscreen display

Gray scale LCD (480x240 pixels, 24mm dot pitch, 23mm dot size) and on-demand backlighting, complete with contrast dial

Stylus pen

Touch the screen and the Velo 1 is at your command

Quick start keys (10)

You can jump start all your applications with the touch of a key on the Velo1 61-key QWERTY keyboard

High performance 3.3 V 32-bit MIPS R3910 RISC processor @ 36.864 Mhz

Designed for fast access and high throughput of Windows CE applications

Audio speaker

For .wav file playback

Memory with romm to spare

The Velo 1 can support an additional 96 MB of memory

Miniature Card slots

Two industry-standard expansion slots for more DRAM Flash memory for even ROM software upgrades

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